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Muddy Faces

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Everything you need to know about mud kitchens – what, why, where and how.

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Making a Mud Kitchen
English version

Mud Book 2nd edition

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Making a MUd Kitchen book cover

Read Making a Mud Kitchen on the Outdoor Hub, section by section:

(sections are from the first edition, 2012)

About the author

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Jan White is the author of Making a Mud Kitchen. She is a specialist in early childhood outdoor provision from birth to five. For more information visit her websites:

Jan and Liz Edwards from Muddy Faces have been collaborating on the Mud Campaign for many years.

Extract from Making a Mud Kitchen:

There is little more important in our physical world than earth and water and they are truly intriguing things, especially when they interact. Mixing soil, water and a range of other natural materials has a foundational role in early childhood which has deep importance and endless possibilities for well-being, development and learning. The breadth and depth of what these experiences offer young children is truly remarkable.

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