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Natural Play Principles

The Natural Play Principles* are designed to articulate a child-centred and nature-focused approach called Natural Play. Natural Play enables children’s natural ways of growing, learning and thriving with the help of the natural world.

* developed in collaboration between Jan White (Early Childhood Natural Play), Suzanne Scott (Sandfield Natural Play Centre), Ann Thompson (Naturally Creative and Sandfield Natural Play Centre) and Menna Godfrey (Quackers Playgroup & Natural Play Centre).

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12 NP Ps

The Natural Play Principles

Twelve principles that can guide the development of your approach, provision, pedagogy and practice.

ꞏ A natural curriculum
ꞏ The natural world
ꞏ Authentic experiences
ꞏ Embodied learning
ꞏ Imagination, creativity and science
ꞏ Child-paced learning
ꞏ Adventure and adventuring
ꞏ Risk is an intelligent behaviour
ꞏ Belonging and caring
ꞏ Building an ecological identity
ꞏ Parental engagement and involvement
ꞏ Enabling adults to enable children

The Natural Play Principles by Prof Jan White

This article appeared in issue 2 of the Outdoor Practitioner, Spring 2021 - our free online magazine. It focusses on the Natural Curriculum principle.

Download a PDF of the 4-page Natural Play Principles article

To keep as a handy reference guide or to pin on your noticeboard.

Natural Play Principles

pdf, 2.49 MB

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