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Campfire recipes

With careful preparation, even Early Years and Primary School children can experience the joy of campfire cooking. Food seems to taste better outdoors - and even better again when you've foraged for it, built your own fire, sat round and chatted with a hot drink and then cooked it all yourselves. These step by step recipes are a great place to start your outdoor culinary journey - suitable for adults and children (with a little help).

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Campfire baked apples

Another tasty campfire cooking treat - and one of your 5 a day!

Read More about Campfire baked apples

Campfire popcorn in a sieve

Cooking popcorn kernels over a campfire using sieves is a fascinating campfire cooking activity.

Read More about Campfire popcorn in a sieve

Campfire bread on a stick

Freshly baked bread smells even better on a campfire! Here’s a quick unleavened (non yeast) recipe to try.

Read More about Campfire bread on a stick

Campfire orange cakes

A fun, yummy campfire cake activity. Plus, reflections on campfire cooking methods & why these cakes taste SO good!

Read More about Campfire orange cakes

Make a campfire cooking fork

Make a campfire cooking fork -simple to make and perfect for cooking little tasty treats like pieces of apple!

Read More about Make a campfire cooking fork

Hot dog bread camping meal

A simple to prepare campfire meal!

Read More about Hot dog bread camping meal

Campfire baked potatoes

A campfire cooking classic! So simple but ohhhh so yummy, healthy and filling!

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Wild garlic butter

A wild garlic butter recipe - super easy to make and a perfect partner with campfire bread.

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Campfire Spiral Potato

Add a twist to campfire cooking and try out spiralled potatoes!

Read More about Campfire Spiral Potato

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