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Activities with tools & wood

Some of our woodworking tool guides and simple activities using tools suitable for the Early Years - explore the Outdoor Hub Activity section to find more!

Outdoor Hub

Hapa zome- leaf-bashing

A simple children's craft activity using a hammer to create amazing leaf prints on cloth.

Read More about Hapa zome- leaf-bashing

Spikey nails hedgehog

This simple tool activity is a great idea for an early years woodwork area.

Read More about Spikey nails hedgehog

Wooden stamps

Hammering into wood - create imprints & practise tool skills. Great idea and activity for the early years woodworking area.

Read More about Wooden stamps

Elder whistle

A whittling activity using elder to create your very own whistle!

Read More about Elder whistle

Make your own peg loom - video

A little dexterity and concentration and you can create your own traditional weaving machine. Read More about Make your own peg loom - video

Make a 1 Sq m maths set

A simple activity exploring length in a hands-on way using natural resources.

Read More about Make a 1 Sq m maths set

Drill a wooden disc

A simple and fun tool activity for young children using a rotary hand drill or a palm drill.

Read More about Drill a wooden disc

Drilling a pole

How to make a simple hole in a pole - useful for all sorts of projects.

Read More about Drilling a pole

Guide to rotary hand drills

Rotary hand drills are a great tool to use in an outdoor classroom, forest school or woodworking area. Learn about different types of hand drills and how to use them.

Read More about Guide to rotary hand drills

Guide to palm drills

Palm drills are perfect to use with children as an introduction to tool use in woodwork and simple activities.

Read More about Guide to palm drills

Guide to clamps & vices

Different types of hand clamps & which ones suit what kind of project.

Read More about Guide to clamps & vices

Guide to drill bits

The common types of drill bit, what we recommend & how to fit a drill bit into a rotary hand drill.

Read More about Guide to drill bits
Tool use and trad craft cat

Tool use & Traditional Crafts

A selection of guides to tool use and activities that include the use of simple tools used in early years woodworking provision like palm drills and hammers.

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