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Shop for Health & Wellbeing kit

The Muddy Faces shop is full of kit to enhance health & wellbeing at Forest School, Early Years and Primary School outdoor settings.

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The practical kit you need to ensure safe & hygienic outdoor settings.

Cat Safe and Healthy

Health & Safety

At Muddy Faces we stock a wide range of health & safety resources. This includes equipment for Forest School and outdoor settings such as fire safety kits, first aid, safety googles for use in a woodworking areas and safety gloves.


Hand Washing

For more information about hand washing explore the Hand Washing section of the OUTDOOR HUB. You'll find information about how to choose a hand washing system, how tos & videos, publications & useful resources and much more.

HSFIR04C Burns Kit Small 20x20

First Aid

First aid kits are a must have addition to your forest school kit.

Explore emotions

Rustic Display - Emotions

£29.99 exVAT

How are you feeling today? A wooden interactive emotions resource to support children to recognise and express their emotions. Can be used with individuals needing emotional support. The 8 discs have facial expressions to help develop empathy. Through realising and recognising ...

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Emotions Display Cloud

£26.99 exVAT

Encourage children to identify and express emotions in themselves and others with this hands-on interactive display perfect for the classroom. The attractive wooden cloud with lasered images and wording has a hook onto which a natural disc lasered with an emotion image ...

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Emotions Discs - set of 8

£13.49 exVAT

How are you feeling today? Stimulate young children's awareness of emotions with this set of 8 emotion discs. A useful classroom resource. The natural wooden discs are lasered with 8 different images to encourage children to identify and express their emotions. Each ...

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CMM118 dancing ribbons

Physicality & Sports Premium

Supporting children's physical development and keeping them active outdoors has a wide range of mental and physical health benefits.

We sell a wide range of resources that support children's regular physical activity and play, in the outdoor learning environment. The products in this section will broaden the range of physical activities offered to all pupils outside.

Category Movement Balance 600x600


Get early years and school aged children outdoors and support their physical development with this range of resources designed to challenge their balancing skills.



Support physical development and gross motor skills in children with this varied range of equipment designed to be incorporated into your outdoor activities.

Creative discovery

Cat Play and Learning 10 F 20x20

Creative Play

Resources to support creative play in the early years. Explore the Outdoor Play section of the OUTDOOR HUB which includes information about child-led play, play guides, case studies, books and much more.

Category Heuristic Play 600x600

Heuristic Play

The word heuristic derives from the Greek word “eurisko” meaning “I discover”. It is used to describe an intuitive way of meeting challenges and solving problems – exactly what young children do when they are engaged in heuristic play. The open ended nature of heuristic play encourages children to explore and investigate in their own way, applying their own creative ideas and building on their own experiences.

VDR51 Stethoscope600

Role Play

Add role play accessories to your early years resources, encouraging children's use of their creativity and imagination.

Art&Creating 600x600

Art & Creating

Whether you are working on a craft project outside or have collected natural materials to use indoors, we have a fantastic range of craft items to support you. So if you are making tree faces out of clay, needing calico for Hapa Zome (leaf bashing), using sunlight paper for leaf print decorations or just simple chalking out the playground, we hope you find all that you need.

For more information explore the Art & Creativity section of the OUTDOOR HUB.

We also have an activity section dedicated to Art & Creating to inspire all!

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