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Waterproof ratings guide

We believe outdoor clothing is the most important piece of kit you can have to enable sustained play and learning outdoors. Through your feedback, over the last decade, we have developed a range of waterproof clothing meeting the diverse needs of many different types of settings.

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Waterproof rating 550x380

How waterproof is your clothing?

To help you compare our waterproof clothing easily, we have added little blue raindrops, from 1 to 4, to indicate how waterproof an item is.

How is waterproof rating calculated?

For fabric to be considered waterproof, it must resist the pressure of a column of water 2000mm tall. The level of resistance is called the hydrostatic head*. The higher the hydrostatic head, the more waterproof the material. i.e. 4 raindrops is extremely waterproof!

* For modern technical fabrics, waterproof capability is measured by its hydrostatic head. This is where the fabric is held taut under a tube/column of water one inch in diameter. The taller the column of water, the greater the pressure and therefore the more waterproof the material. For example, a fabric that is waterproof to 10,000 mm fabric means that the column of water will be at a height of 10,000 mm (32.8 feet) before water would begin to leak through the fabric. For fabric to be considered waterproof, it must resist the pressure of a column of water 2000mm tall.

Look after your waterproofs and they will look after you!

It is essential to look after your outdoor clothing for it to retain its waterproof level.

Every wash reduces the lifespan of the clothing. We recommend, for most outdoor clothing, all you need to do is simply slosh the clothes into a bucket of water, rubbing any stubborn areas with a cloth, and then rinse in a clean bucket of water.

For individual brands we have care and sizing guides. Just follow the links in the description for each product online.

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