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Muddy Faces

Mud activities

If you want FREE mud activity downloads and mud play activity inspiration, you've come to the right place!

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Free downloads

mud day activity cards

Mud Game Cards

4 free mud games all in one! In this download you'll find instructions & rules for creating and playing

  • Mud & Spoon Race
  • Build a Mud Man
  • Mud Treasure Hunt
  • Mud Sling Game (plus target!)

Mud Games Cards

pdf, 2.14 MB

creepy crawly recipe cards

Creepy Crawly Recipes

Free printable sheets for children to make up their own creepy crawly recipes.

Creepy crawly cards

pdf, 2.82 MB

mud kitchen recipe cards

Mud Kitchen Menus

Free printable PDF menu templates for mud kitchen role play.

Mud kitchen cards

pdf, 2.22 MB

Mud clay face in hand

Malleable Mud Activity

Free printable PDF mud activity from Snapdragons Nursery - featured in our Outdoor Practitioner magazine - Issue 5

Malleable Mud activity

pdf, 476.02 KB

More mud actitivites

Bee bricks

We love this bee brick idea that Milford Pre-School shared on Twitter - use your own mud or wattle and daub to make little habitat spaces for your bug hotel - a lovely tactile activity with loads of opportunities for conversation.

A-Z of Mud Play

Muddy play ideas & inspiration developed as part of our campaign encouraging mud & natural materials play in the every day lives of children.

Read More about A-Z of Mud Play


A collection of muddy ideas & activities; perfect for early years and all ages! Enhance your mud play and enjoy!

Read More about INSPIRATIONS - mud play

Mud kitchen ingredients

Spruce up your mud kitchen with our 'shopping list' of ingredients and activity ideas.

Read More about Mud kitchen ingredients

Mud Faces

A simple activity using clay to make the trees come alive!

Read More about Mud Faces

Mud slinging

Play like this is simple yet vitally important to development - you will observe many important skills, communications & processes.

Read More about Mud slinging

Shiny mud balls

A fun & shiny mud activity - Hikaru dorodango, the Japanese art of making mud shine. Simple, engaging & rather compulsive!

Read More about Shiny mud balls

More activities


A massive selection of outdoor play and learning activities and ideas! Whether you are a Forest School leader, work in the early years , a KS1/KS2 teacher or anyone interested in working in the outdoors, we hope there's something for you!

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