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Risk-Benefit Assessments

An introduction to the concept of risk benefit assessments, plus sample documents & templates (with a particular focus on mud kitchens) & links to risk assessment resources from other organisations.

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Risk management in play contexts is different from workplace or factory contexts in one crucial respect. In play provision, a degree of risk is often beneficial, if not essential. Children and young people enjoy challenging, adventurous play opportunities where they can test themselves and extend their abilities. Giving children the chance to encounter hazards and take risks provides other benefits, such as the chance to learn how to assess and manage these and similar risks for themselves. Hence accidents and injuries are not necessarily a sign of problems, because of the value of such experiences in children’s learning. Unlike conventional risk assessment, RBA takes account of benefits by bringing together consideration of risks and benefits when deciding on appropriate responses.
Play Safety Forum, Risk-Benefit Assessment Form Worked Example, 2014

Risk-benefit assessments downloads

Muddy Faces pdfs and documents by a range of authors, offering an introduction to the concept of risk benefit assessments, plus templates for assessments, with a particular focus on mud kitchens.

The templates are working documents, offering you ideas rather than finished assessments. This is to ensure that the author of the assessments fully interacts with their own processes, and any assessment created is relevant to your specific setting. These documents are a guide to support your own health and safety procedures and are not designed to be complete in any way.

Explanation Risk Benefit Assessment Niki Willows

pdf, 376.33 KB

Experienced outdoor practitioner Nikki Willows introduces risky play and some key references and links on Risk Benefit Assessments. 2014.

Making things easier Assessing risks

pdf, 51.77 KB

How grouping activities under specific headings can make the process of creating an RBA for a mud kitchen simpler and more efficient.

Risk Assessment process five steps

pdf, 91.64 KB

Guidance on using the HSE 5 Steps to Risk Assessment - talks you through the process step-by-step, plus a checklist to help you through.

Risk Benefit Assessment Template

word, 358.91 KB

Template for risk benefit assessment including space for recording children's voices, plus risk matrix and hazard reduction process tables.

Risk Benefit Assessment TEMPLATE mud kitchen resources

word, 53.25 KB

Template for assessing risks & benefits of common mud kitchen utensils.

Risk Benefit Assessment TEMPLATE mud kitchen Infrastructure

word, 55.30 KB

Template for an infrastructure risk benefit assessment.

Risk Benefit Assessment TEMPLATE individuals and group needs

word, 55.30 KB

Template for assessing the risks and benefits of activities for your specific group.

Risk Benefit Assessment TEMPLATE mud kitchen weather

word, 61.44 KB

Template addressing how the weather will affect a session - partially completed, with some examples.

Risk Benefit Assessment EXAMPLE mud kitchen ingredients

word, 55.81 KB

Example of a completed form including hazards/benefits, actions & priorities when using natural materials in a mud kitchen.

Benefit Risk Assessment EXAMPLE mud kitchen digging patch

pdf, 541.93 KB

Lovely example of a very thorough risk benefit assessment which includes children's input, from Gillian Wildish. May 2021.

More Risk Assessment tools & guides

RBA template from Alfresco Learning

word, 13.33 KB

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