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Dragons Sneeze 20x20

The Story of the Dragon Sneezes

Published on 21.08.20

This week we're telling you the story of how the Dragons Sneeze came about.

Actually, we have 4 different versions of the story - you decide which one is true!

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Mud Alphabet P

Mud Play Tips

Published on 06.08.20 in Mud

Mud Play Tips - competition winners

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Nature premium campaign

Nature Premium Campaign

Published on 22.07.20

Muddy Faces supports the Nature Premium Campaign.

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Butterfly count

Big Butterfly Count

Published on 14.07.20

Get ready for the Big Butterfly Count - it starts this week!

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Teacher tom

Book Chorus: Teacher Tom

Published on 06.07.20 in General & Book Chorus

Welcome to our monthly Book Chorus - singing out about outdoor-related books and their inspirational authors.

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Mud Alphabet Y

Happy Mud Day 2020

Published on 29.06.20 in Mud

Happy International Mud Day friends!

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Mud day banner

Mud Day & Community Winners

Published on 22.06.20 in Mud

Get ready for Mud Day!

Next Monday 29 June is International Mud Day - it's our favourite special day!

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Peg Loom Feature Photo60x30

Peg Looms for Easy Weaving

Published on 15.06.20

The story of our peg loom

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Young Nettles March20x20

Be Nice to Nettles

Published on 28.05.20

Anyone who has had a run-in with a nettle plant and has come off for the worse may shout Why Be Nice to Nettles?

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Nature Connection

Published on 21.05.20

Connecting to nature with Muddy Faces

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