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Tom Hobson is known for his progressive, play-based curriculum and for writing 'Teacher Tom's Blog,' chronicling the life and times of a preschool in the United States. His books are compilations of the 'best bits' of his blog.

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Teacher Tom is one of those rare beings who is able to really see and hear children for being the very ones that they are.
Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, R. Psych, author of Discipline Without Damage & Parenting Right from the Start
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About Teacher Tom

Tom 'Teacher Tom' Hobson is a preschool teacher, writer, speaker, artist and author. He is best known, however, for his namesake 'Teacher Tom's Blog,' where he has posted daily since 2009, chronicling the life and times of his little preschool in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest corner of the United States.

For the better part of the past two decades, Teacher Tom has been the sole employee of the Woodland Park Cooperative School, a parent-owned and operated school, knit together by Teacher Tom's democratic, progressive play-based pedagogy. The children come to the school as 2-year-olds in diapers and leave as 'sophisticated' 6-year-olds ready for the larger world.

Teacher Tom came into teaching through the backdoor, so to speak, having enrolled his own child in a cooperative preschool, where he began working daily in his daughter's classroom as an assistant teacher under the tutelage of veteran teachers, although he'll be the first to tell you that most of what he learned came from the children themselves. When it was time for his daughter to move on, he 'stayed behind,' where he plans to remain for the rest of his life.

Tom is a sought-after public speaker, having travelled the globe from the US and Canada to Australia, New Zealand, China, and Europe.

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Book review: Teacher Tom's First Book

“Tom’s book is soul food for educators. It helps keep our focus on children—their needs, rights and ensuring their voices can be heard loud and clear - be that from the top of a slide or whispering in a homemade den.”

Juliet Robertson, author of Dirty Teaching, Scotland

Teacher Tom's second book
Teaching and Leaning from preschoolers

Picking up where Teacher Tom’s First Book left off, Teacher Tom’s Second Book is an insightful, sometimes breathtakingly eye-opening look into the relationship between young children, learning, and the adults and institutions in their lives.

Teacher Tom’s ability to find great truth in small moments, coupled with his passionate defence of the rights of children and his critique of common practice, comes together to reveal a loving, child-centred world, one in which children are free to learn and grow, unencumbered by the dogma and nonsense of our culture’s ever narrowing view of childhood.

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