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Muddy Faces

Muddy Faces art & craft ideas

The outdoors offers inspiration & a new perspective to art & craft whether your setting is a primary school, Early Years or Forest School.

Our activities section has hundreds of free outdoor activities to explore, from simple, fun, less-than-an-hour arts and crafts, to more complex projects that'll keep you going for a few hours or even weeks.

Here's a selection of the creative projects on offer. Go to the Art & Creating Activities section to browse them all.

Outdoor Hub

Making prints with sun print paper

A simple children's science activity - watch the magic of cyanotype using sun print paper to create some amazing prints.

Read More about Making prints with sun print paper

Needle felting in 2D

A simple starter project & introduction to the art of needle felting.

Read More about Needle felting in 2D

Threading leaves

A fab activity to help develop fine motor skills, a favourite woodland activity!

Read More about Threading leaves

Leaf art with pens

A simple and creative early years craft and mark making activity using leaves.

Read More about Leaf art with pens

Painted pumpkins

A fun hand-painted Halloween decoration, perfect to hang indoors or out.

Read More about Painted pumpkins

Nail art with wool

A fun activity using a hammer and nails - great for practising fine motor and tool-use skills in the woodworking area.

Read More about Nail art with wool

Draw or paint a spider's web

A super simple mark making activity using a wooden disc to create a spider web decoration.

Read More about Draw or paint a spider's web

Hapa zome- leaf-bashing

A simple children's craft activity using a hammer to create amazing leaf prints on cloth.

Read More about Hapa zome- leaf-bashing

Leaf decorations

Combine leaves & cookie cutters for a fun and effective natural art project for children.

Read More about Leaf decorations

Visit the art & creating activities section for more

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Art & Creating

A great selection of nature art and craft activities for early years, outdoor learning and Forest School settings. Have a browse and get creating!

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