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Muddy Faces

Places to find what you need

Section 5 of the Making a Mud Kitchen book.

Outdoor Play


What you'll need

  • mud
  • children
  • found, begged and borrowed kitchen bits

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    Environmental Considerations

    Consider the environmental impact of preparing, carrying out & completing this activity. Could this impact be reduced? Specific considerations for this activity could include:

    Health & Safety Considerations

    Follow your usual operating procedures and carry out appropriate risk benefit assessments.
    Some considerations particular to this activity include:

    Places to find what you need:

    The best mud kitchens, and those which have the most atmosphere and character, are made from found, gathered and donated items – especially when these come from the children’s own families. It’s important not to spend much money – what matters to children is that these things come from the real human world, to combine with the stuff of the real physical world.

    yellow flowered bowl and a jelly mould

    Here are a few possibilities:

    • Families of children and staff - specific requests and lucky finds - items used in a range of represented cultures - the perfect little old cupboard might come from someone’s garage.
    • Charity and second-hand shops - especially for interesting tableware, bakeware and utensils.
    • Emporia and house clearance sales - can yield some really interesting and unusual things
    • Furniture recycling centres, such as REMAR - can yield some quirky and cheap cupboards and dressers
    • Specialist suppliers, such as Muddy Faces - for a range of really interesting and unusual resources to set up and extend mud kitchens.

    Disclaimer: Muddy Faces cannot take any responsibility for accidents or damage that occurs as a result of following this activity.You are responsible for making sure the activity is conducted safely.

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