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Muddy Faces

Muddy Faces craft activities

We have a fab selection of fire craft, whittling, felting and weaving step-by-step activities.

Outdoor Hub

How to make char cloth

Make your own char cloth to use with flint and steel fire lighting – it is super quick and easy to do.

Read More about How to make char cloth


A selection of our fire guides & activities - for inspiration & confidence to bring fire to your setting.

Read More about INSPIRATIONS - Fire

Simple split stick animal

An activity showing you how to whittle yourself a woodland creature, with help from author Richard Irvine

Read More about Simple split stick animal

Weaving on a rustic peg loom

Weaving on a peg loom is a wonderful craft activity; so simple to use and the results are fantastic!

Read More about Weaving on a rustic peg loom

Felting - a guide

From fibres to needles, tools to resources, an informative guide to making felt.

Read More about Felting - a guide

Pewter - making a mould or cast

A guide to using clay or cuttlefish bones to create a cast for pewter.

Read More about Pewter - making a mould or cast

Natural dyes

An in depth activity requiring cooking over a fire (or inside if necessary) but what an amazing science experiment whilst physically connecting with nature.

Read More about Natural dyes

Making charcoal

How to make charcoal from pieces of willow.

Read More about Making charcoal

Whittle your own hazel knife

Carve a wooden knife in a few minutes!

Read More about Whittle your own hazel knife

We're adding to our activities sections all the time - you'll often find a new craft or art activity to inspire you ...

Whats new

What's New

Our latest outdoor play & learning activity ideas!

Casting Pewter Feature

campfire craft

A selection of campfire craft activities (including pewter craft) for older children & adults attending a forest school or outdoor classroom setting.

Tool use and trad craft cat

Tool use & Traditional Crafts

A selection of guides to tool use and activities that include the use of simple tools used in early years woodworking provision like palm drills and hammers.

Felted Leaves Feature60x30

weaving & wool

Simple wool craft ideas for children, and felting & weaving activities for older children and adults that require more support.

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