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Fire guides & activities

From fire safety, setting up your fire area and fire pit designs, to ignition methods, fire lighting and cooking, to safely extinguishing at the end of the session, we have developed an excellent range of fire-related guides and activities - useful for everyone from beginners to experienced outdoor practitioners.

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Fires: fire safety guide

A guide to the essentials of campfire safety and points to consider with any fire activity.

Read More about Fires: fire safety guide

Fires: fire area preparation

A comprehensive guide to preparing and building a fire area in an outdoor setting.

Read More about Fires: fire area preparation

Fires: fire pit designs

Pros and cons of a range of different styles & materials for creating your fire pit.

Read More about Fires: fire pit designs

Fires: methods of ignition

There are many ways to start a fire. We look at the pros and cons of some of the main ones.

Read More about Fires: methods of ignition

Fires: how to use a fire steel

All you need to know about fire steels (ferrous rods) and some top tips on how to use them.

Read More about Fires: how to use a fire steel

Fires: traditional flint & steel

Both simple and complicated at the same time - here’s the what & how of flint & steel fire lighting.

Read More about Fires: traditional flint & steel

Fires: creating & maintaining

A guide and top tips for creating and maintaining a fire. For some, the art of fire lighting can be tricky; these basic rules will help make each fire successful.

Read More about Fires: creating & maintaining

Fires: building a cooking fire

Many campfire cooking activities need embers to cook on, rather than flames - here's how to prepare your fire.

Read More about Fires: building a cooking fire

Fires: extinguishing a fire

Extinguishing a fire properly is really important to prevent re-ignition and ground fire.

Read More about Fires: extinguishing a fire

How to make char cloth

Make your own char cloth to use with flint and steel fire lighting – it is super quick and easy to do.

Read More about How to make char cloth

Using a storm kettle

A step-by-step guide to using a storm kettle aka Kelly kettle.

Scroll to the bottom to download our free pdf: Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Storm Kettle.

Read More about Using a storm kettle

Fire Piston: instructions

Instructions for setting up & using your fire piston.

Read More about Fire Piston: instructions

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Simple but delicious campfire recipes from Muddy Faces.

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campfire craft

A selection of campfire craft activities (including pewter craft) for older children & adults attending a forest school or outdoor classroom setting.

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Fire & Forest School activities & guides including: campfire cooking, building a fire pit, fire safety, using a fire steel, fireside activities and crafts. Our fire guides are useful whether you're a beginner or an expert.

For outdoor cooking inspiration explore our Campfire Cooking section.


A selection of our fire guides & activities - for inspiration & confidence to bring fire to your setting.

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Dragons Sneeze

Fire lighting and campfire cooking can be a wonderful part of the outdoor experience for Early Years and Primary school children. The Dragons Sneeze is a fire steel & striker we designed and created especially for Forest School groups and practitioners - easy for all ages and abilities to make the perfect spark. Find out how and why the Dragons Sneeze became...

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Dragons Sneeze stories

If you want a fire or campfire cooking at your outdoor setting or Forest School you'll need a spark! The Dragons' Sneeze is the perfect tool to start you off. But where did the Dragons Sneeze come from? Find out with these origin stories of how the Dragons Sneeze became - as told to us by our amazingly creative customers!

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Fire & Cooking

The Fire & Cooking section of the shop is full of kit and resources specially selected by Muddy Faces experts to enhance your fire lighting and campfire cooking experience with safe, reliable, effective products.

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