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Muddy Faces

Muddy Faces foraging ideas

We've got an ever-expanding range of foraging activities, ideas and inspirations, suitable for beginners and experts alike, in the Activities section of our Outdoor Hub.

Outdoor Hub

In our Activities section:

How to extract/tap birch sap

Collect super-sweet natural tree syrup with just a few simple tools and a little time and patience.

Read More about How to extract/tap birch sap

Forage for wood ear fungus

A common non-poisonous fungus - observe it growing & what happens when it dehydrates/re-hydrates.

Read More about Forage for wood ear fungus

Tips for foraging

Some guidance on how to forage safely, sustainably, and responsibly.

Read More about Tips for foraging

Dandelion jam recipe

A simple jam recipe for a tasty use of your freshly-foraged dandelions.

Read More about Dandelion jam recipe

Bilberry jam recipe

This foraged-berries jam recipe works well over a campfire or back at home.

Read More about Bilberry jam recipe

Blackberry & apple jam

Mmmm... what's not to like?! A traditional jam recipe for foraged fruits.

Read More about Blackberry & apple jam

INSPIRATIONS - dandelions

A doting dandelion dedication. For anyone who can see the exceptional in the everyday things around us.

Read More about INSPIRATIONS - dandelions

Deep learning with dandelions - part 1

A four-year-old's immersive experience with dandelions.

Read More about Deep learning with dandelions - part 1

Deep learning with dandelions - part 2

The story of a dandelion jam adventure – from foraging to eating – and the mistakes & learning along the way.

Read More about Deep learning with dandelions - part 2

Read our themed newsletters:

Be Nice to Nettles

Anyone who has had a run-in with a nettle plant and has come off for the worse may shout Why Be Nice to Nettles?

Read More about Be Nice to Nettles

Spring Recipes

The spring gives us a fantastic opportunity to start campfire cooking. Simple soups are great, and campfire bread or pancakes, or how about fire-popped popcorn?

Read More about Spring Recipes

Delightful Dandelions

Wow - the verges are singing out a golden song!

Read More about Delightful Dandelions

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Foraging tips and recipes for food and drinks - we're adding to this section all the time so always worth checking back to see what's new.

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Simple but delicious recipes - taste even better in the great outdoors!

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