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Muddy Faces

Published on 13.05.20 in Nature & recipes

Spring recipes

The spring gives us a fantastic opportunity to start campfire cooking. Simple soups are great, and campfire bread or pancakes, or how about fire-popped popcorn?

To help you get started check out our guides to:

It's a great time of year for wild garlic pesto and wild garlic butter - see below for recipes.

And why not give elderflower cordial a go? Don't forget to pick the flowers early in the morning if you can - they start to smell a bit like wee if you pick later in the day!

Next week we will be exploring nettles.

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Ideal for crushing up your wild garlic - or for using in your mud kitchen!

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Heavy Duty Campfire Grill

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The heavy duty campfire grill has a strong angle iron frame with heavy duty mesh and folding angle iron legs.

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Dragons Sneeze

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Made in the UK from sustainable wood, to our unique design - perfect for little hands to crate their first spark - a best seller for a reason!

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Poppin STORM Kettle Kit

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The Poppin STORM Kettle kit includes a black powdercoated Poppin STORM Kettle and base with a separate anti-tilt pan support, two piece grill, saucepan, frying-pan and universal handle grip. It also includes a jute STORM Carry Bag. The Poppin STORM Kettle holds ...

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Petromax Dutch Oven

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Our Outdoor Hub is free to everyone and packed full of literally hundreds of step-by-step, photo-illustrated activities. You don't have to be out in an amazing Forest School or woodland setting, most of the activities can be done at home, in a yard or garden, many of them can be adapted and done indoors.

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Our activities are organised in categories so you can find what you need, or use our keyword search (scroll down the left hand menu) to follow your children's interests.

The Outdoor Hub has a wealth of inspiring activities, events and information. Each section has been designed to encourage engagement in the outdoors, connection with nature and to help spark imaginative play and creativity.

Wild garlic pesto

A recipe for a wild garlic pesto, super easy to make and super strong tasting!

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Wild garlic butter

A wild garlic butter recipe - super easy to make and a perfect partner with campfire bread.

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Campfire baked potatoes

A campfire cooking classic! So simple but ohhhh so yummy, healthy and filling!

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Campfire bread on a stick

Freshly baked bread smells even better on a campfire! Here’s a quick unleavened (non yeast) recipe to try.

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Campfire orange cakes

A fun, yummy campfire cake activity. Plus, reflections on campfire cooking methods & why these cakes taste SO good!

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Campfire buns or fairy cakes

Our favourite traditional little sponge buns baked on a campfire.

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Campfire popcorn in a pan

A simple way to cook a large quantity of great tasting (and not smoky) popcorn on a campfire.

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Make a sieve popcorn cooker

Cooking popcorn in sieves is a wonderful visual experience - here's how to make your own.

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Campfire popcorn in a sieve

Cooking popcorn kernels over a campfire using sieves is a fascinating campfire cooking activity.

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Deep learning with dandelions - part 1

A four-year-old's immersive experience with dandelions.

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Deep learning with dandelions - part 2

The story of a dandelion jam adventure – from foraging to eating – and the mistakes & learning along the way.

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Dandelion jam recipe

A simple jam recipe for a tasty use of your freshly-foraged dandelions.

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