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Forest School Training Company kit list

This useful Forest School kit list is divided into tool-work and non-tool-work items, depending on the age, competencies and size of your group and number of practitioners.

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Forest School Training Company


Kit ideas for Forest School

Ensure you have got emergency bag, including First Aid kit, medical details, parental consent etc. Include nurture kit for cold weather / young children (hats, gloves, spare socks, fleeces, hand wipes, rubbish disposal bags). Water for drinking and a shelter sheet plus ropes is always good.

For non-tool work at Forest School

Exploring colours, using mud and enjoying mixing:

  • Containers to collect mud, leaves, berries in
  • Pestle and mortar or bowl and hazel sticks for grinding into paste
  • Brushes or elastic bands to make own brushes (sticks and moss/grass)
  • Canvas or card for painting on
  • Cotton and bashing sticks, to make get green
  • Small trowels to help with the digging

Enjoying bashing:

  • Small mallets
  • Wooden pegs ready for bashing
  • Twine or string to wind around the pegs


  • Rope (ex-climbing), may include strops/carabenas
  • Blindfolds or hats/scarves


  • String
  • Trowels
  • Pens
  • Elastic bands
  • Spare forest friends
  • Small mallets

For tool work at Forest School:

  • Bow Saw – peg tooth and raker tooth
  • Sawing horse or wood and string to make one
  • Fixed blade knife for whittling (toasting stick, forest friend)
  • Mallet for bashing
  • Tarp for temporary shelter
  • Smaller tarps for mini dens
  • Sit-upons (cut up a roll mat)
  • Fire steels
  • Axe (for making pegs)

As to how many tools

– Suggest to start with two bow-saws (one peg toothed and one raker tooth). Only use one bow saw at a time, unless you feel confident with assisting staff and their competence with tools. Wouldn’t have more than two work stations.

– Suggest two fixed blade knives. No more than the number of competent staff and the space for working safely.

January 2010.

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