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Reclaiming Snack Time references

References and further reading mentioned in the article Reclaiming Snack Time: the importance of comfort which appeared in the Health & Wellbeing issue of the Outdoor Practitioner magazine.

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These references all appear in the article Reclaiming Snack Time: the importance of comfort which appeared in the Health & Wellbeing issue of the Outdoor Practitioner magazine.

Reclaiming snack time:

Cooking and eating in the open air are part of life’s simple pleasures and an essential part of outdoor sessions. Yet a focus on snacks and food has not had the attention it deserves. It’s time to think more deeply about the role of snack time for physical and mental health and wellbeing.

In this extended article, which first appeared in our free Outdoor Practitioner magazine Health & Wellbeing issue #4, Dr Mel McCree makes a case for inclusive practice for nurture through food and nutrition.

Read More about Reclaiming snack time:

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References p4 of article

Article references p5

Article references p6

The Essential Guide to Forest School & Nature Pedagogy - Jon Cree & Marina Robb

£19.99 exVAT

This book is a complete guide to Forest School provision and Nature Pedagogy and it examines the models, methods, worldviews and values that underpin teaching in nature. Jon Cree and Marina Robb show how a robust Nature Pedagogy can support learning, ...

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"Robb and Cree also note the importance of clean fresh water and food hygiene. I recommend Richard Irvine’s soap dispenser, portable taps and handwashing guides in the previous issue of this magazine!"

Make a foot-operated soap dispenser

Step-by-step instructions to build a practical soap dispenser to go with your Tippy Tap, creating an effective outdoor hand washing system - and it's fun to make!

Read More about Make a foot-operated soap dispenser

Muddy Faces hand washing guide

An in-depth, free-to-download article written by Muddy Faces director Liz Edwards, considering hand washing outdoors, and the pros and cons of a range of mains and non-mains connected systems.

Read More about Muddy Faces hand washing guide

Definitions box p6

Trauma-informed practice develops strengths-based understandings and responses to the impact of trauma, emphasising physical, psychological, and emotional safety and empowerment.

Nurture group: short-term intervention for pupils with social, emotional & behavioural difficulties that make it harder for them to learn in mainstream class.

Proprioception: the sense of self-movement and body position.

Vestibular: the sense of knowing where your body is in relation to the environment.

Interoception: understanding and feeling what’s going on inside your body.

Article references p7

Article references p9

References p9

Evidence for gaining support

How do you advocate for all this with your senior leadership and get support from funders? Be a Snack Champion and share this evidence and the links below.

Evidence of outdoor wellbeing as essential grounds for learning Mel McCree, Roger Cutting & Dean Sherwin (2018) The Hare & the Tortoise go to Forest School: taking the scenic route to academic attainment via emotional wellbeing outdoors.

Critical Issues in Forest Schools - Sackville-Ford and Davenport (2019).

Addressing childhood adversity & trauma - Young Minds.

Trauma informed schools UK Trauma / Trauma informed practice

Trauma informed practice toolkit - Scottish government.

Sensory integration & nutrition - Autism Awareness Centre.

Outdoor food hygiene training eg Blake Training.

Fare Shares Community Food membership membership to receive food donations.

Muddy Faces Outdoor Hub pages on foraging & food outdoors for a foraging guide, recipes etc including dandelion jam and a wonderful story of the deep learning that goes alongside.

Nik Elvy’s fantastic Youtube channel with recipes, microadventure demos etc.

Learning through Landscapes outdoor recipes for campfires using typical school grounds produce.

There are some good books that focus on outdoor cooking. Try Cook Wild year round cooking on an open fire by Susanne Fischer-Rizzi or Annie Davy’s book A Sense of Place.

Robb and Cree’s book The Essential Guide to Forest School & Nature Pedagogy.

No list is complete without a blog link to Juliet Robertson for practical snack ideas and a nod to Lily Horseman too, who excels in outdoor baking. Check out those macaroons in hazel leaves, mmm!

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