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Shelters & yurts

Websites, blogs and forums offering tips, techniques and information on shelter making and/or yurts.

Outdoor Hub

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Free den building guide

Free to download, created by Muddy Faces. An excellent (though we say so ourselves!) and extensive practical guide to indoor and woodland den building.

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Loose parts, block play & dens

This section looks at benefits and theories, guides, articles and ideas for using block play, dens and loose parts in your outdoor setting.

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Creating an outdoor setting

Guides, reports, studies and projects offering insights into designing, creating or improving your outdoor setting to provide safe, inspiring, accessible opportunities to play and learn outdoors.

Arranged, as much as possible, in chronological order.

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Shelters & Camping

Visit our shop for all the kit you need to build you own shelters - from bungees, carabiners and fasteners to clamps, clips & pegs; from den poles and stands, hammocks, rope, tarps, to ready-to-go shelters.

MFK52 B Bird Hide kit 20x20

Den Building & Loose Parts

At Muddy Faces we provide an inspiring range of den building equipment that supports you in encouraging children to be innovative and more resourceful.

For more information about dens explore the Dens & Loose Parts section of the Outdoor Hub and our range of Den Building activities!

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