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Muddy Faces

Block Play Introduction

At Muddy Faces we recognise the importance of block play and construction and in 2022 we developed our Nature Block range of UK grown wood construction and block play resources.

The Nature Block range allows for 'unit block' play as the some of the pieces are designed at standard heights of 2cm, 5cm and 10cm so can be stacked to work as 'units'.

Block play supports children’s learning and provides a range of opportunities and experiences in different development areas:

  • STEM activities can be observed when watching children using the blocks in stacking, sorting & counting

  • language development - discussion, description and new vocabulary

  • physicality - gross motor and fine motor skills

  • problem solving and risk awareness: will the stack topple over?

  • social and emotional - as children play together negotiations turn taking sharing blocks can all be observed

  • imaginative play & storytelling

Look through the other sections in block play to find out more benefits of block play.

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