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Looking for some spring nature activity ideas? Look no further!

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Welcome to Muddy Faces Inspirations: bringing together activities & ideas with a specific theme, to inspire your time outdoors playing, learning & connecting with nature. Follow the highlighted links to take you to our step-by-step activity guides.

We love spring at Muddy Faces. The days are getting longer and we can celebrate new growth. We’ve gathered all our spring activities into one place to give you some spring inspiration!

Click here for a printable download of our spring inspirations.

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Spring Art & Craft

Click 'read more' for step-by-step instructions.

Clay frog life cycle

A spring clay craft activity to help explore a frog life cycle.

Read More about Clay frog life cycle

Clay rabbits

A simple clay craft activity making the most of the lovely furry catkins in abundance in the spring.

Read More about Clay rabbits

Clay pictures

Simple activity using clay and natural materials. A great little creative early years project.

Read More about Clay pictures

Cardboard nature frames

Add a different focus to exploring outside!

Read More about Cardboard nature frames

Make your own Nature Block Scavenger Friend

Our Nature Block Scavenger Friends are so cute!! Why not make your own?

Read More about Make your own Nature Block Scavenger Friend

Hapa Zome flowers

Add more colour to your hapa zome activities by using flowers.

Read More about Hapa Zome flowers

More spring craft ideas

Wooden Eggs painted and discs 600x600

Decorated eggs

Decorate a wooden disc or a wooden egg and go for an Easter egg hunt/trail.

Dandelion Art 160x60

Dandelion clock mark-making using a toilet roll tube

Cut into the tube to create a dandelion clock shape & bend the cardboard flaps outwards (as shown in picture).

Dip in white paint and stamp onto a contrasting colour card.

Dandelion markmaking 60x60

Dandelion drawing

Super simple mark-making activity. Snap off a yellow dandelion head and start creating with the lovely yellow pigment.

Daisy chain60x60

Daisy designs

Spend some time with daisies and see what you can create. Who can make the longest daisy chain?

Try making a daisy caterpillar. Nip the stalk off a daisy as close as you can to the flower-end of the stalk. When this is nipped off you can see a little hole. Pick a daisy with a nice long stalk and feed the stalk through the hole - it will come out of the yellow part of the daisy. Keep nipping off daisy stalks and thread them on.

Spring recipe ideas

Nettle soup

A super simple spring and foraging nettle soup recipe. So tasty; give it a try!

Read More about Nettle soup

Dandelion jam recipe

A simple jam recipe for a tasty use of your freshly-foraged dandelions.

Read More about Dandelion jam recipe

Wild garlic butter

A wild garlic butter recipe - super easy to make and a perfect partner with campfire bread.

Read More about Wild garlic butter

More seasonal inspirations


Looking for some autumn activity ideas? Look no further!

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INSPIRATIONS - sunshine & shadows

A collection of simple outdoor activities for a sunny day – any time of year!

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INSPIRATIONS - snow & ice

Snow and ice are fantastic materials for children to explore. Find some inspiration with our snow & ice activities.

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Spring Inspirations - free pdf download

Spring Inspirations download

pdf, 2.07 MB

Disclaimer: Muddy Faces cannot take any responsibility for accidents or damage that occurs as a result of following this activity.You are responsible for making sure the activity is conducted safely.

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