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Looking for some autumn activity ideas? Look no further!

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Welcome to Muddy Faces Inspirations: bringing together activities & ideas with a specific theme, to inspire your time outdoors playing, learning & connecting with nature. Follow the highlighted links to take you to our step-by-step activity guides.

We love autumn at Muddy Faces. The nights start to get longer - time to get cosy; the leaves are changing colour - perfect for some autumn craft. We’ve gathered all our autumn activities into one place to give you some autumn inspiration!

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Autumn Art & Craft

Draw or paint a spider's web

A super simple mark making activity using a wooden disc to create a spider web decoration.

Read More about Draw or paint a spider's web

String spiders web

A simple stick and string activity to create your own spiders web!

Read More about String spiders web

Painted pumpkins

A fun hand-painted Halloween decoration, perfect to hang indoors or out.

Read More about Painted pumpkins

some More autumn ideas

Make a broomstick

A simple way to make a useful broom & with a bit of imagination you might be able to fly it!

Read More about Make a broomstick

Planting tree seeds

A fun and simple activity to explore the journey of any seed.

Read More about Planting tree seeds

Autumn hanging mobile

A simple autumnal activity to remind you of the season and all its glorious colours. Slightly different technique to our leaf mobile.

Read More about Autumn hanging mobile

seasonal inspirations


A selection of activities to inspire you during the berry season.

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The perfect resource for a natural material activity - there's a lot you can do with a leaf!

Read More about INSPIRATIONS - leaves


A great collection of autumn activities using the wonderful conker. Suitable for early years and older children.

Read More about INSPIRATIONS - conkers

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Autumn - Gerda Muller

£5.99 exVAT

Autumn is a fun board book without text and full of illustrations which shows the joys of playing in leaves, collecting conkers, flying kites and making jam.

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A Year of Forest School: Outdoor Play and Skill-Building Fun for Every Season - Jane Worroll & Peter Houghton

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Rain or shine, this book will get kids playing outside, developing new skills and discovering the wonder of nature across the year!

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Autumn Inspirations - free pdf download

First appeared in issue 3 of the Outdoor Practitioner - our free online magazine - Autumn 2021.

Autumn Inspirations

pdf, 841.79 KB

Disclaimer: Muddy Faces cannot take any responsibility for accidents or damage that occurs as a result of following this activity.You are responsible for making sure the activity is conducted safely.

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