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Muddy Faces

Published on 18.03.20 in General & Fire Focus

Fire Focus: Campfire Crafts

Campfire Crafts with Muddy Faces!

Have a go at some campfire crafts! You can use fire to make ink, dye and create beautiful things out of pewter! Wonderful alchemic opportunities!

Check out our INSPIRATIONS - fire for a comprehensive guide to fire building & lighting, campfire cooking & recipes, and other fire-based activities.

We'd love to hear about your favourite fire-based activities. Please send them to Clare Ruskin at Muddy Faces - maybe we'll add them to our Outdoor Hub.

brown graphic image of a dragon with a puff of smoke coming from the nostrils, sitting on the text: Dragons Sneeze

Dragons Sneeze in action

Our Dragons Sneeze fire steels - named in a competition by several of our imaginative customers - were designed by us to make fire lighting as simple as possible for those with little hands or limited dexterity, with chunky ergonomic wooden handles and a brightly coloured lanyard keeping the two pieces together and easier to find if left on a leafy forest floor or muddy setting.

We have some lovely little videos of Dragons Sneezes in action - sent in by happy customers - you can watch them here.


Our one stop shop has a diverse selection of practical, educational and inspiring products for all your forest school, outdoor play and learning requirements.

Pewter Shot

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500g of lead-free pewter shot.

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Casting Spoon

From: £19.99 exVAT

If you don’t want to make your own crucible - we now stock these long-handled spoons - ideal for melting pewter over a fire.

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Outdoor Hub:

The Outdoor Hub has a wealth of inspiring activities, events and information. Each section has been designed to encourage engagement in the outdoors, connection with nature and to help spark imaginative play and creativity.

Making ink

Making ink from earth, air, wind and fire - who'd have thought?!

Read More about Making ink

Natural dyes

An in depth activity requiring cooking over a fire (or inside if necessary) but what an amazing science experiment whilst physically connecting with nature.

Read More about Natural dyes

Pewter - casting over a fire

An advanced-ability activity to create beautiful unique keepsakes.

Read More about Pewter - casting over a fire


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