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Muddy Faces

Reducing environmental impact

We aim to embody our values throughout all our business practices, from reducing packaging through to the information we share on the Outdoor Hub.


We are looking at various aspects throughout our business, identifying where we can reduce our environmental impact

Our own products are packaged in non-bleached calico bags or paper bags. We have also created a card to explain that any plastic in parcels is being reused from our suppliers.


Muddy Faces Ltd has a policy to reduce packing materials, without compromising the protection of your goods. We try to recycle packaging where we can.

If you know of any materials or methods of delivery that have less of an environmental impact, then please tell us about them by emailing

Environmentally-Responsible Packaging

  • Plastic Bags > Biodegradable, paper and cloth bags
  • Bubble Wrap > Cardboard wrap and shredded card
  • Boxes > Resusing packaging and new cardboard
  • Plastic Tape > Paper tape

Wood Treatment

It is extremely important for us at Muddy Faces to use a treatment that is safe for children and the environment. Many wood treatments raise concerns around environment and child safety. It is really important to check what wood treatment your supplier uses when choosing educational resources.

  • Child safe - will not cause harm to a child in the quantities that they are able to 'eat' or 'chew'
  • Acceptable for human, animal, and environmental health
Catalogue cover square

Catalogue - We have to balance producing a paper catalogue and the impacts of this whilst also responding to our customers requests for hard copies.

For 2022 we have reduced the amount of paper in the catalogue by 60%. The catalogue is printed on PEFC paper from sustainably managed sources and is fully recyclable.

We also continually update our postal data base ensuring only the people who want the catalogue, receive it. If you received a catalogue that you didn't want please unsubscribe.

PEFC logo 600x600

PEFC UK is part of the global network for the assessment and mutual recognition of national forest certification schemes developed by the PEFC Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). PEFC UK’s ‘Certification Scheme for Sustainable Forest Management’ incorporates the UK Woodland Assurance Standard as the certification standard to be used for assessing whether a woodland is managed sustainably.

The Future

Over the next year we plan to explore more ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact, through packaging, product presentation and sourcing of products. We will be opening dialogues with our suppliers, encouraging them to reduce their use of plastic packaging and to find out more details about the environmental impact of their products.

Muddy Faces recycles old IT to local good cause

In November 2021 we were delighted to donate a pallet load of our old electrical equipment to a local community enterprise called Aspire.

Read More about Muddy Faces recycles old IT to local good cause
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