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Muddy Faces

Ethos & approach

Everything we do at Muddy Faces has been developed to support you and your children to be outdoors, to create rich and positive experiences, to play, learn and blossom. Being outside and connecting to nature is so important for our physical and mental well-being.

Our passion

At Muddy Faces we truly believe in what we are building and providing. We are constantly learning and evolving. We know that by being outdoors, a profound love and understanding of the natural world can occur which over time will help nurture a more sustainable and contented way of living. We believe everybody benefits from more time outdoors and we want to help you to access the outdoor environment effectively and sustainably.

Family-friendly workplace

By creating a family-friendly place to work, we have created a flexible, supportive business at Muddy Faces. The majority of our staff, including founder Liz, work part-time with hours to suit their families. The working environment is supportive and everyone is passionate about children, the quality of the products and maintaining an extremely high level of customer service.


Since 2011 we have been working on a number of campaigns that have affected the day-to-day experiences of most early years children in the UK and many abroad. Each year we use profit from the shop to fund these campaigns.

Mud campaign

We created our Mud Campaign in 2011 and have been promoting play with natural resources and, in particular, mud, ever since.

Read More about Mud campaign

The Outdoor Hub

The Outdoor Hub has been developed to provide useful and honest information, activities and events all focused on the outdoors. Explore the comprehensive activities section to find seasonal and item specific activities.

Outdoor Hub

The Outdoor Hub is a massive FREE resource filled with activities, information and events to support you to get outdoors. Connecting to the elements, nature and each other has incredible positive health and wellbeing benefits.

Read More about Outdoor Hub


Whether you are a Forest School leader, work in the early years , a KS1, KS2 teacher or anyone interested in working in the outdoors, we hope there's something for you!

Read More about Activities

Product development

The quality of the products we add to our range is paramount to us. We have very few returns due to product issues.

We are always interested in new and useful pieces of kit or any ideas that you may have. Please drop us a line and let us know if there is anything that you think we should be carrying in our product range.

We also manufacture a number of our own products such as palm drills and dragons sneezes and we specialise in UK-grown wood.

Guide to palm drills

Perfect as an introduction to tool use and for children to practise the skill of drilling.

Read More about Guide to palm drills

Dragons Sneeze

The Dragons Sneeze is one of our most popular products, a fire steel and striker we designed and created especially for Forest School groups and practitioners - easy to make the perfect spark.

Read More about Dragons Sneeze

UK-grown wood

We source our UK grown wood from sustainably-managed woodlands. This helps with their management and to support their future viability.

Read More about UK-grown wood

Muddy Faces catalogue

Click here to download a pdf of our 2022 catalogue

2022 Catalogue download

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