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Our website allows you to add items to your cart that are out of stock.

A message will appear below the products in your cart that exceed availability. A confirmation box will also appear on the payment page to confirm that you are aware that you have added out of stock items to your cart prior to making payment. This is a compulsory tick box.

What happens if i add an out of stock item to my order?

By adding an out of stock item to your order it may cause a delay to the delivery of your order.

How long will a delayed order take to arrive?

We will get the order out to you as soon as the stock arrives with us. If we cant get your order to you within 10 working days we will contact you. As the stock has not physically arrived with us yet, there is potential of an unforeseen issue with a stock line on your order. If we don't think we can meet the 10 working day window we will contact you with an update and you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Why are out of stock items available to buy?

We specialise in supplying the education sector, this means items are often brought in bulk, which exceeds our stock availability. Its essential that we allow customers to place orders that exceed our availability. If you do order items that are out of stock then it will delay the delivery of your order.

An out of stock warning has appeared that wasn't there before.

The stock is updated regularly and it could be that another customer or a manual order has been completed before you had checked out your basket. This could have caused your item to change to an out of stock item.

I don't want to delay my order

In your cart, remove the item or reduce the number until the warning disappears. If the warning message doesn't disappear then the item is completely out of stock and you need to remove this item from your cart to avoid delays.

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