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Muddy Faces

Published on 05.01.19 in Craft

Woodwork with Kids

Happy New Year!

We're very proud and excited to announce that our 2019 catalogue is now out! We'll be posting copies out next week, so expect yours through your letter box soon - or check in to your school office to see if they have received a copy.

Thank you to everyone who followed the link and got themselves signed up.

The winners of the Festive Dozen Prize Draw are • KH - Cornwall • KW - Derbyshire • GM - Glasgow • ST - W Midlands • PW - Isles of Scilly • PD - Brighton • DI - Hampshire • ER - Somerset • JG - Grantham • MW - Kent • SO - London • MH - Suffolk. Congratulations to all!

cover shot of the DfE's Activity Passport


We've noticed these two stories getting a lot of attention since the start of the year...

My Activity Passport from the DfE - a checklist for children in reception and years 1-6, launched to 'enrich children's experiences and skills.' We're pleased to see it includes lots of outdoor activities, and is endorsed by organisations including CLOtC.

• A new RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health) report The health impacts of screen time - a guide for clinicians and parents has had mixed reviews. This BBC news story Worry less about children's screen use, parents told covers some of the arguments.

Pete Moorhouse's Top Woodworking Tips

Pete Moorhouse recently shared his Top 20 Tips for Woodwork with Young Children.

Pete is the UK’s leading authority on woodwork in Early Years education and has written several books and journal articles. Pete also wrote the introduction for our Outdoor Hub Tool Use & Traditional Crafts information page - and sections on woodwork & learning, woodwork & safety, and recommended tools and tips. As Pete says "Woodwork - building a foundation for the creative thinkers, designers, makers, tinkerers of the future..."


Our one stop shop has a diverse selection of practical, educational and inspiring products for all your forest school, outdoor play and learning requirements.

Hammer - 8oz Stubby Ball Pein

£6.59 exVAT

These hammers are a perfect weight for young children, with short handles so they are more controllable, and a large hitting surface making it easier to hammer the nail.

Buy now

Japanese Saw (Kids at Work)

£24.99 exVAT

Saws that cut on the pull stroke are easier for young children to use - they are more controllable & require less effort. This small Japanese saw has extremely-fine 3-sided smoothed teeth which make even, clean cuts in hard and soft wood.

Buy now

Outdoor Hub:

The Outdoor Hub has a wealth of inspiring activities, events and information. Each section has been designed to encourage engagement in the outdoors, connection with nature and to help spark imaginative play and creativity.

Wooden stamps

Hammering into wood - create imprints & practise tool skills.

Read More about Wooden stamps


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