Guide to rotary hand drills

selection of different rotary hand drills and a palm drill

Different types of hand drills and how to use them.

Drill a wooden disc

three sizes of wooden disc with one hole drilled through each

How to drill a hole in a disc using a rotary hand drill or a palm drill – a great starting point for a variety of activities.

Guide to drill bits

close up of ten universal drill bits

The common types of drill bit, what we recommend & how to fit a drill bit into a rotary hand drill.

Drilling a pole

pole clamped to workbench hand drilling hole near top

How to make a simple hole in a pole – useful for all sorts of projects.

Guide to palm drills

2 palm drills and 2 softwood hand drills on a log round

Perfect as an introduction to tool use, and for children to practise the skill of drilling.