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Published on 29.06.20 in Mud

Happy Mud Day 2020

Happy International Mud Day friends!

Mud Day and mud play really is an international movement. Did you know our free How to Make A Mud Kitchen book, written by Liz Edwards and Prof Jan White, is available in other languages as well as English?

Until this year we had nine translations, with versions in • Croatian • French • German • Greek • Hungarian • Italian • Portuguese • Spanish and Welsh.

Our Mud Day news is that we're delighted to announce that we now have a further 2 languages available, which means we've now been translated into ELEVEN different languages! Today we welcome Icelandic and Swedish translations into our muddy library - download them all for free here.

Professor Jan White has written a special Mud Day blog post, celebrating the news, and the amazing growth in popularity of the concept of mud kitchens:

"This year, International Mud Day is 11 years old and, with the launch of two new Nordic translations, our Making a Mud Kitchen booklet is now in 11 more languages than English! As a joint celebration of Mud Day 2020 and the ongoing collaboration of ECO and Muddy Faces, I’d like to share with you the marvellous journey of this unassuming but much travelled little booklet."

Here's an excerpt - read the whole thing for the full picture.

"The history of Making a Mud Kitchen

a woman in a blue shirt looking at the camera

In 2011, Jan White and Liz Edwards launched a Mud Play initiative aiming to greatly increase the understanding, importance, value and range of experiences from mud play as continuous provision, and to support practitioners to achieve this.
Prior to this date only a few settings in the UK provided mud play or had a mud kitchen. Our Making a Mud Kitchen booklet was launched online as a free downloadable resource for the 3rd International Mud Day in June 2012. Within a year it had been downloaded 20,000 times globally, and 17,000 free copies of the printed booklet (funded by Muddy Faces) were also distributed at outdoor focused conferences and training events across the UK.
The response was breathtaking and feedback so very positive. Proof of the success of the initiative is in the results: at the five year point, ‘mud kitchens’ had become fully mainstreamed, with a very high proportion of education settings of all types, in all UK countries, having a mud kitchen in their outdoor provision."

Jan White's Mud Day blog post

Early Childhood Outdoors website

2 girls, one black one white, with muddy hands, feet and faces, standing facing each other clapping hands, and looking at the camera smiling

Mud Gallery

Our gallery is an ever-growing and inspiring catalogue of mud play in all it's many forms. Do send us your mud day photos - we'd love to see this grow and grow every year.

Send your Mud Gallery images to - please title your email MUD GALLERY and let us know your project name (if you have one) and location.

Our cover photo and photo (R) were sent to us for Mud Day 2019, by Natalie Clark from Woodfield Primary School, Doncaster,

child sliding down a muddy tarpaulin with text Let's cover social media with mud!

Let’s cover social media with mud!

Join in our fun social media campaign #SharingTheMuddyLove!

Share your #MuddiestPhotoOfTheDay and tag us for a re-share.

Over on Instagram,firefliesforestschool are encouraging everyone to throw mud splats!

Here's how it works: upload a photo of yourself getting muddy and throw a mud splat at 5 of your favourite accounts by tagging them and using #firefliesmudsplat

mud splat with words mum glorious mud over the top

Fireflies say "We hope this raises awareness of some fantastic nature, forest school and outdoorsy accounts for everyone to follow whilst also sharing ideas of how fun mud can be!"

If you tag Muddy Faces and add #MuddiestPhotoOfTheDay and #SharingTheMuddyLove we'll join in too!

Join the Mud Kitchens Facebook group

“This group has been set up for anyone interested in play with natural materials especially Mud. Please post any mud play stories, tips and photos.”

Muddy Faces founder Liz Edwards set up the mud kitchen Facebook group back in 2013. Join the mud kitchen community.

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