Muddy Faces Photo Gallery

We hope you’ll enjoy this marvellous selection of muddy photos, sent in by our fellow mud enthusiasts from all around the UK and beyond, to celebrate International Mud Day 2019. They certainly put a smile on our muddy faces 😉

Originally created for a competition (which is now closed), we think our gallery is an amazing illustration of the joy, fun, learning and creativity that mud can bring to every setting. We’d be delighted to add your muddy gems to the gallery if you’d like to join the marvellous muddy company that is here already – please email to with the subject heading Mud Day Photo Gallery.

To view photos click on one, then scroll through the row. Close the row and click on another to see more.
X at top right expands the view, X at bottom right closes the row.

For more about the benefits of using mud as an inspirational resource for outdoor play & learning, visit our Mud page.