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Muddy Faces

Simple painted snowmen

Handmade seasonal decorations using wooden noggins. A great homemade gift and children's craft activity.

Art & Creating


* Muddy Faces actively promotes child-led outdoor play & learning. We recognise and believe in the curiosity that children have and their drive to explore and discover. We hope that you will bear this in mind when considering more prescribed activities like this one – often much more creative ideas will occur if resources are simply provided and children are given the time and space to explore independently.

What you'll need

  • wooden counters/discs (or cardboard or pebbles)
  • acrylic pens/paints

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Environmental Considerations

Consider the environmental impact of preparing, carrying out & completing this activity. Could this impact be reduced? Specific considerations for this activity could include:

  • source of wood
  • leave no trace

Health & Safety Considerations

Follow your usual operating procedures and carry out appropriate risk benefit assessments.
Some considerations particular to this activity include:

  • tool use if drilling own holes

Cut your own or buy a number of wooden discs or counters.

For hanging decorations, drill a hole at the top (see our drill a wooden disc activity). Thicker counters can be used for games. In this example we are making counters for tic tac toe.

Sand your counters smooth on one side (or both sides if you’re painting both).

Using weatherproof acrylic paints gives a finish suitable for the outdoors – most other paints should be fine for indoor use.

Step #1

Paint a white body shape that ends about halfway up the disc.

Art & Creating

Step #2

Paint a round white blob on top of the body, for the head. Allow to dry.

Step #3

Use a black marker for stick arms, buttons, hat & face. Add an orange carrot nose.

Art & Creating

Step #4

Paint on a bright stripy scarf.

Take it further:

  • use a silver or fine white pen to create falling snowflakes around your snowperson
  • hang snowmen and other seasonal painted counters on string to make a wintery garland
  • use your snowmen as Christmas decorations or put them with snowflakes for festive tic-tac-toe.

Disclaimer: Muddy Faces cannot take any responsibility for accidents or damage that occurs as a result of following this activity.You are responsible for making sure the activity is conducted safely.

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