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Published on 15.05.24 in ResearchMuddy Faces, & Products

Active Boundaries

We are proud to launch our new concept and range and share the pedagogy behind it.

NEW & EXCLUSIVE to Muddy Faces:

Active Boundaries Range

We are VERY excited to share with you our work on Active Boundaries and to celebrate the success since its launch with a massive giveaway worth over £600.00!

For anyone who knows Muddy Faces, you know we are dedicated to enabling children to play, learn and 'just be' in the outdoors. We spent a lot of time researching and working with experts exploring how children use and move around their outdoor environments. This work is shared in our FREE Outdoor Hub with a dedicated section about Active Boundaries, delving into why children are driven to pass OVER, UNDER & THROUGH boundaries.

From this deep understanding we developed a quality range of sustainable resources all made in our workshops in Derbyshire; lovely wooden resources that enable children to explore the opportunities of their space; stiles to climb over, squeezes to go under and gates to go through. The range is quickly becoming a bestseller for us, which we are super proud about 😊.

‘I feel another booklet coming on: Active Boundaries’ - Liz Edwards, founder of Muddy Faces

Explore the pedagogy behind Active Boundaries here.

Transform your outdoor space & buy Active Boundary resources.

Ladder Stile Set jpeg

This month we are giving away a

NEW Active Boundary Ladder Stile Set

worth £635.94!

The ladder stile is designed to look like a real stile that children would see out on a walk in the countryside.

Click here to enter!

Closing date 2nd June 2024. Full T&Cs here.

May events postcard 600x600


Our What's on in May postcard is available FREE with orders. Send a postcard to a friend to let them know what's on in May!

National Trust Logo

National Trust & Muddy Faces

Coming soon - Active Boundaries in National Trust play areas - watch this space and we will keep you updated.

Explore our NEW Active Boundaries range

Available in two different heights: 2-4yr old (50cm) & 5-11 yrs (80cm).


Footpath Stile 50cm

From: £299.99 exVAT

Perfect for nurseries and pre schools to offer an engaging sustainable and long lasting resource which supports physical development and imaginative play. A freestanding stile with steps that require thought on how to climb up and over. The shape is similar ...

Buy now


Flap & Low Squeeze Fence Set 50cm

£114.99 exVAT

A resource with an engaging challenge for young children, suitable to be left out in your nursery or school's outdoor space. Our panels can also be used for loose parts provision. This set contains two fence panels which can be easily moved ...

Buy now


Footpath Gate 50cm

From: £194.99 exVAT

Made from sustainable materials this fascinating gate makes a fantastic addition to any school or nursery's outdoor space. It needs to be fixed to other resources from the OUT50 range such as fence panels or to existing structures or equipment in your ...

Buy now

Paths, edges & boundaries

Boundary Rope

From: £35.19 exVAT

This boundary rope is ideal as an addition to your active boundaries sets, expanding on the boundary options you can make with it and inspiring children's creativity with their outdoor play.

Available in 2 different sizes.

Buy now

Active Boundaries

graphic with the word 'over' with a dynamic arrow curving over it

Children in the Early Years (and of all ages) have an endless fascination with exploring boundaries; given the opportunity they will consistently cross over, under or through them.

graphic of the word 'under' with a dynamic arrow curving under then pointing upwards

The world is full of boundaries and edges, not only physical but also social, all of which need to be identified, explored and played with to be understood.

graphic of the word 'through' with an arrow pushing through the 'o'

Join us going Over, Under & Through (OUT) our Active Boundaries.
NEW and EXCLUSIVE to Muddy Faces.

Read More about Active Boundaries


Celebrate World Bee Day on 20 May!


A collection of activity ideas and fun facts to celebrate the bee!

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