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Field Guide - Park & Garden Birds

Excellent laminated multi page double sided Field Guides from the Field Studies Council.

The newly updated fold-out guide covers the top 50 birds of gardens and parks, including ponds and rivers.

Gardens and parks are wonderful places for bird watching. Making a list of garden birds is a great first step into wildlife identification. Some species are present throughout the year, while others are summer or winter visitors only.

Of course a few species, like Blackbird and Robin, are instantly recognisable. But for others you might need to take a closer look. Is that a Greenfinch or a Siskin at the bird feeder? Can you tell apart a Blue Tit from a Great Tit? How about a Bullfinch from a Chaffinch? The FSC Park and garden birds guide can help!

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Additional Information

Designed for speedy bird identification with living birds in the garden, the guide features beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields. Accompanying text on the reverse side covers body size, food, key identification notes and conservation status.

Bird tables and feeders are a great way to attract more birds to your garden. There’s now a wide range of bird food available. Some birds eat seeds and berries, and will benefit from seed heads left over the winter. Hawthorn, rowan, crab apple, blackberries and windfall fruit provide an autumn feast for thrushes. Birds will also need water for drinking and bathing. So saucers of water and bird baths are useful during winter frosts and hot summers. Nest boxes and roosting perches provide shelter.


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