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Imagine Modular Mud Kitchen

This simple but very effective Mud Kitchen Module creates a useful work surface with an inviting hob and lovely rustic shelves. Each item is designed to be both robust and portable enabling children to use the resources in different ways.

The supports are sturdy trestles made from treated timber and the planks are made from UK grown larch which is sanded and left untreated, as it is naturally durable.

The set comprises 2x trestles, 1x rustic hob plank 100cm and 1x rustic plain plank 100cm.

Note: The accessories shown in the image are NOT included.

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£129.99 exVAT
£155.99 incVAT

£139.99 exVAT
£167.99 incVAT

  • SKU MFW9156
  • Height 43cm
  • SKU MFW9164
  • Height 63cm
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Made in the UK

Helping to support UK industry and reduce our carbon footprint.

Made with UK Wood

All our natural wood products are handmade from materials sourced from sustainably-managed woodlands in the UK; supporting local crafts people, woodland viability and biodiversity. These products are made from untreated wood and they will crack and change over time. This is a natural process which does not affect the use of the product and can encourage a child's investigation of the natural world.

Wood contains a natural preservative called tannin which aids its longevity. Tannin is soluble and can leach out of wood when it gets wet. Once the water evaporates, it can leave tannin sediment behind, causing staining. We recommend that you do not store your wood on a porous surface as it may cause discolouration.

Additional Information

Loose parts provide significantly more learning and play opportunities than a piece of static outdoor furniture. They are often much cheaper and therefore provide better value for money. For children to take ownership of their play and learning spaces, it is important that they can adapt their environment making it relevant to them and creating an authentic experience. Modular mud kitchen systems enable children to move and manipulate their mud play area supporting creativity and problem solving whilst having a full body physical experience. The modular system helps turn the mud play area into a space for scientific investigations and challenging play. When children can move items then a hob isn’t just a hob, it's dash board in a space ship and a thousand other opportunities!

We have lots of mud ideas and activities on our Outdoor Hub Mud page. In particular read our Making a Mud Kitchen for how you can maximise your space with an effective mud kitchen.

Preserving Treatment - It is extremely important for us at Muddy Faces to use a treatment that is safe for children and the environment. All our treated wood has been approved for use in playgrounds and is acceptable for human health and the environment. It is really important to check what wood treatment your supplier uses when choosing educational resources.

Our larch is UK grown and untreated. Larch is a resinous wood which is naturally durable and will last up to 15 years (or longer with treatment). Larch planks will with age change colour, they may also develop, splits, cracks, cup or warp.

Watch our Modular Mud Kitchen Inspiration product video below:

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