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A large, 20 page, A2 Floorbook that you can add your own pages to.

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£15.00 exVAT
£18.00 incVAT

  • SKU MND1002
  • Length 59.4cm
  • Width 42cm
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Observation, documentation, assessment and planning are most effective when they are matched to the needs of the child. In order to achieve this we need to understand children's thinking, through considering all the ways in which they communicate. The Floorbook approach provides tools for practitioners to listen to children, to open up conversations and to document their thinking, in order to create progression and challenge their thinking

The Flexi Floorbook has been designed for practitioners who want more flexibility in their Floorbooks. You will be able to take out and add in paper inserts to this Floorbook, allowing you to create Floorbooks of different lengths. Children will be able to take out different parts of the Floorbook to examine and record their thoughts meaning that you can easily work with different groups of children at once.

Features and Benefits of our Flexi Floorbook design:

Each Flexi Floorbook is ring-bound, allowing adults to add and remove paper inserts as they need to. You can even separate your Floorbook to allow different groups of children (or larger groups of children) to document your learning at the same time. Children can also take out individual pages to examine them in-depth.

Each Floorbook is 20 pages long, but you will be able to add extra inserts for larger topics. It also prevents waste: if you investigate a shorter topic you can add any leftover inserts to a different Flexi Floorbook.

The large A2 (42 x 59.4 cms) size lets many children fit around and write in it at the same time. This allows for dynamic group documentation sessions. The large paper size gives children plenty of space to write down as many ideas as they would like. Each Floorbook includes 30 pages which is the perfect amount to fully explore a topic.

The heavy duty and high quality 270gsm paper is sturdy enough for young children to work on both indoors and outdoors. The paper will hold together for long periods of time - no more ripped and untidy pages from children revisiting their learning!

The large blank covers will allow children to decorate each Floorbook. You can reinforce the idea that children are leading their own learning by allowing them to decorate the book.

A Floorbook will share ideas, reflections, challenges, solutions and failures, thoughts, actions, observations, plans and desires. It will also allow children to revisit their learning as often as they wish, meaning that they can also reflect on previous learning with what they now know.


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