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Red Squirrel Appreciation Day

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  • Event Date 21.01.23
  • Website Website
'Red squirrels are now only found in certain areas of the UK, which is why The Wildlife Trusts are working to protect and raise awareness of them - and encouraging you to get involved too.The red squirrel is the only squirrel species native to the UK. But be aware that as red squirrels have disappeared from much of the UK you'll need to be a in special place to see them. Red squirrels have now retreated to forests in Scotland, Northern England, the Isle of Wight, islands in Poole Harbour, and a few places in Wales and Northern Ireland. Red Squirrel Appreciation Day is all about celebrating and raising awareness for our red squirrels.There are lots of ways to get involved, including volunteering, donating or surveying - through coordinated community action there has been an increase in red squirrel numbers in and around these stronghold areas, and together we must ensure that continues.'
Image: red squirrel hand puppet, available from the Muddy Faces shop here.


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