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Pancake Day is on a different day every year, always on a Tuesday.

The date for 2024 is 13 February.

The UK has a fairly unique tradition known as “Pancake Day”.

Roots are from the Christian tradition - pancake day is the day before Lent begins, also known as “Shrove Tuesday” and is 47 days before Easter Sunday.

In other cultures, Mardi Gras takes place on this date. Pancake day is an observance only, not an official bank holiday.

How about a Pancake Race? Flip a pancake in a frying pan while racing to the end of a course - careful not to drop it!

Source: Pancake Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 -

Pancakes are very easy to cook over a campfire - check out suitable equipment in the Muddy Faces shop.


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