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National Nest Box Week

Nest boxes support local bird populations - is yours ready for spring?

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It will soon be that time of year when birds start to look for the perfect spot for the upcoming breeding season.

Are your nestboxes ready to welcome visitors?

Originally founded by the BTO, the British Trust of Ornithology, National Nest Box Week encourages the public to put up nest boxes in their own gardens or local areas to support their local bird populations. Natural nesting sites such as holes in trees or old buildings are fast diminishing as people 'tidy' their gardens and old buildings are replaced with new constructions.

By putting up a nest box or two in your garden, not only will you be offering your garden birds a safe, warm space to raise their young, but you also benefit from the wonderful sight of busy parents building their nests. If you're really lucky, you'll see the fluffy fledglings making their first tentative exit from the nestbox and into your garden!

Guides to finding the right box for your garden birds and where to place them for the best success: Nestboxes for birds from SongBird Survival

Guides for building your own nest box from the BTO: Putting up nest boxes for birds


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