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International Dawn Chorus Day

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Taking place on the first Sunday of May, International Dawn Chorus Day is the worldwide celebration of nature's greatest symphony. All across the world people rise early to revel in the sweet sound of birdsong, from rattling wrens in Rotherham to crooning cowbirds in the Caribbean.

And remember you don't have to head out to a nature reserve, you can always just open your window - and listen...

Dawn Chorus Day has grown from a small event in Birmingham in the 1980s to a global annual celebration, enjoyed in over eighty countries. You don't need to be surrounded by countryside to enjoy nature's symphony - cities have songbirds of their own. Beyond the cooing of pigeons you could hear the serenade of robins and blackbirds, the chatter of house sparrows and the laughing calls of herring gulls, to name just a few!

Go to the Wildlife Trust's website for a lovely list and recordings of song birds you could hear on Dawn Chorus Day: Dawn Chorus Day | The Wildlife Trusts


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