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EYA - National Week of Play 2024

Magic Moments - a celebration of childhood

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Childhood serves a purpose; it isn't something to "get through" or speed up. It's there to protect developing minds. To nurture young souls. So, let's give our kids the space to be unbusy. Let's unschedule. Let's "miss out”. Let's hold the space for childhood. Because childhood isn't a dress rehearsal for adulthood. —Tracy Gillett

We all know just how important the first five years of life are to a child's later outcomes – but how can we ensure that we are also celebrating what makes this period such a unique time in life itself?

Childhood isn't just a runway to take off to adulthood; it's a magical time in and of itself. That's why the Alliance's National Week of Play 2024 will focus on savouring those magic early moments and celebrating a child's right to just be, without the pressure to become.

Through a variety of free resources and ideas, we will encourage both early years providers and families to find the magic in each moment. We will share low-cost and no-cost ideas on how you and the children you care for and educate can enjoy play not only as a development opportunity, but for the wondrous moments in time that it so often offers.

This year, as you're teaching your children how to navigate the world, let them also teach you how to enjoy and savour every moment.

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