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Don’t Step on a Bee Day

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'Poor bees are having enough trouble surviving these days, so let’s not add to their problems by stepping on them, too! Celebrate Don’t Step on a Bee Day on July 10 and watch out for bees in your path.

Don’t Step on a Bee Day is another holiday from the fertile minds of Tom and Ruth Roy. It looks like the idea was to remind kids to be careful when going barefoot to avoid getting stung. In other words, protect ourselves from the bees.

I think it can work both ways. We can also try to protect the bees from us. After all, the only reason most bees sting us is if they feel threatened by us … And who wouldn’t feel threatened by a big ol’ foot coming down on them? Ouch!

Besides, protecting the bees is actually also protecting us. Yes, it really is. How? Read on.'


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