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Muddy Faces

Complete Woodworking Set

All the tools and consumables you need to set up and work with tools, sawing, hammering, screwing, drilling.

Please note:

  • We constantly strive to reduce our plastic usage. The pots for nails and screws shown in the image have now been changed to metal screw top pots.
  • The natural wood shown in the image is no longer available and has been replaced by additional engineered wooden boards.

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£493.90 exVAT
£592.68 incVAT

  • SKU MFK5001
  • Length 68cm
  • Width 47cm
  • Height 62cm
  • Weight 15kg
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Additional Information

Set includes the following:

  • several clear plastic jars
  • 2 traditional mini Dozukis
  • The Little Book of Woodwork by Terry Gould
  • metal rulers and tape measures
  • hand drill, assorted palm drills and pistol grip hand drills
  • mini wrench
  • hacksaws and saws
  • tool boxes
  • adult and child safety glasses
  • elastic bands
  • wooden boards for hammering, drilling, sawing and screwing
  • assorted types of hammers and nails
  • an assortment of hooks, eyes, nuts and bolts
  • assorted size of screwdrivers and screws
  • sanding blocks and paper
  • different sizes of drill bits
  • nail puller

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