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Ropes, Swings & Things-Physicality in Forest School (DORSET)

Ropes, Swings & Things-Physicality in Forest School 930am-330pm

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Event Details

The CPD workshop is designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in using ropes and knots for various outdoor activities and constructions. Here's a breakdown of what the workshop covers:

Key Topics Covered

Knots and Hitches:

Learning different types of knots and hitches.

Practical applications of each knot and hitch in outdoor settings.

Techniques for Building Structures:

Constructing ladders and erecting rope ladders.

Setting up low ropes courses.

Building nets for climbing or play.

Creating swings and hammocks.

Setting up slacklines for balance training.

Safety Considerations:

Understanding safety protocols for using ropes and knots.

Identifying potential hazards and how to mitigate them.

Conducting thorough risk-benefit assessments.

Equipment and Kit:

Reviewing essential equipment and kit needed for these activities.

Tips on maximizing the use and lifespan of your equipment.

Practical Learning and Application

Hands-On Practice:

Time allocated for participants to learn and practice the techniques demonstrated.

Opportunities to build and test various structures under supervision.

Discussion on Developmental Benefits:

Exploring the physical and developmental benefits of engaging in these activities.

Strategies for incorporating these activities into Forest Schools, outdoor spaces, play areas, or outdoor learning sessions to enhance physicality and developmental growth.

Outcomes of the Workshop

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

Gain proficiency in tying essential knots and hitches.

Be able to construct and safely use various rope-based structures.

Understand the importance of safety and risk management in outdoor activities.

Learn how to effectively use and maintain their equipment.

Be equipped with strategies to promote physical development through outdoor activities.

This workshop is ideal for educators, outdoor leaders, and anyone involved in outdoor education or play, aiming to create engaging and safe environments for learning and development.


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