The Small Wood – Family Forest School

A session to connect you and your children with nature and the elements.

A term-time stay and play weekly outdoor group. We have the amazing grounds at the Eco-Park to explore and in return we contribute 20% of the ticket price to their The Down to Earth Foundation.

Suitable for toddlers through to Home Ed’ children age 8.

Mud Laboratory – will be in full swing so that your children can experiment, mix and create potions and feasts.
The Craft Box – available so that you (and/or) your child can make seasonal crafts from what we find in the wood.
The Wood – we will care for the wood, linking our activities with the seasons. This may be planting, pruning or creating spaces.
The Fire – if its cold we will have the fire lit so that you can warm up, sit and gaze at it or maybe cook some simple food.
The Eco-Park – we may go on walks and expeditions around the site if there are no weddings and conferences on that day.
Comfort – there are compost loos on site and we will always have the kettle ready to go with tea, coffee and fruit teas. Please feel free to bring snacks.
Photos – by all means take photos of your child. Please ask other parent’s permission if their child is in shot.

I also run Friday All Weather Tots at Highway Farm.

PARKING – please do NOT park by the barn and workshops – turn right and park in the main car park. Thanks 🙂

Yard Explorers twilight sessions: Outdoor Artists

toddler throwing up autumn leaves above their head. Text about Yard Explorers over the top.

Yard Explorers twilight sessions, aimed at Foundation & Key Stage 1

The outdoor environment offers wonderful opportunities to capture children’s imaginations through simple games and targeted explorations. All the activities are adaptable to your setting and guidance handouts are included.

Outdoor Artists, June 5, 4-6pm

Outdoor Art is sooooo exciting! You can make BIGGER and MESSIER creations than anywhere inside. This workshop will introduce a range of arty experiences using both natural materials (many available on site) as well as the more conventional ones, all used in a different way to indoors. Come dressed appropriately…!

Cost: £45 per person including handouts and certificate.
To book or if you have any questions, call: 07952717984 or email:

About Yard Explorers

Yard Explorers is run by Jane Wratten, a primary teacher and landscape designer with a particular interest in developing and using outdoor spaces for creative play and learning.

Spring Celebrations – seasonal nature-based activities & crafts

This woodland workshop will explore ways to create simple seasonal celebrations outdoors. There will be lots of practical input and nature-based activities. Drawing on folklore, tree wisdom and the traditions of the Celtic festivals, we will also incorporate crafts using natural materials to make our own particular Spring celebration!

Please bring your own sunshine!

The course will include:
• An introduction to the celtic ‘wheel of the year’, associated folklore and festivals
• Ideas and inspiration for how nature and a range of natural resources can be used as a stimulus for exploring the seasons
• Creating & participating in our own spring celebration
• Deepen participants own connection to nature and the seasons.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of how the seasons can be used as a stimulus for learning and celebrating when working with all ages and abilities and/or for personal interest & understanding.

Suitable for: Teachers, Parents, Teaching Assistants, Early Years Practitioners, Outdoor Educators and Forest School Practitioners, Home School Educators, Play Workers.

Lost Words – the art of nature connecting through words & pictures

This one-day CPD workshop with Jon Cree will explore our emotional and nature literacy through simple oral and wordsmithing, and sketching.

Through sensory activity and observation we will be looking at narrative of story, prose and poetry. When this is combined with simple sketch and painting techniques in the outdoors a deeper connection is made with the natural world.

The day will use Jackie Morris’s and Robert MacFarlene’s gorgeous book ‘The Lost Words’ to literally journal our way into nature. The day will be participatory and crammed full of tips, ideas and activities that can be used in any natural setting.

The workshop will include:

  • Ways of working outside through the seasons to build students observation and journaling abilities
  • Integrating a more holistic way of working outside combining literacy, art and science
  • Understanding how words and pictures can be used to support learning and nature connection
  • A range of outdoor, nature-based activities to start your repertoire to use with learners.

The course is for anyone wanting to enrich Literacy, Art, Nature Connection and Outdoor Learning opportunities through words, pictures and poetry in the outdoor environment.

Suitable for: Primary Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Early Years Practitioners, Outdoor Educators and Forest School Practitioners, Home School Educators.

Landplay Therapy

Post qualifying training for Play Therapists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

This two-day training will provide you with the tools you need to extend your therapeutic practice to include indoor and outdoor sessions.

Landplay training ensures the practitioner is confident in providing safe and boundaried therapeutic play space in a natural outdoor environment. It encourages practitioners to incorporate a simplified tool kit with a focus on more natural materials.

Those participating in the training need to have studied Person Centred Counselling and be a qualified child and/or adult counsellor and/or need to have trained in Jungian or Person centred approach and have a post graduate qualification.