Product reviews

Sometimes people are so pleased with their Muddy Faces orders that they spontaneously send us reviews, photos or even videos of our products in action.

We also collaborate with some social media ‘influencers’ – these are Forest School or Early Years practitioners, teachers and other people out in the field, working with children outdoors, who also happen to have an interesting blog, Twitter feed or Instagram account. We send them one of our products to try out – they use them in their settings or with their families, and they tell their followers about them. Sometimes they run product giveaways.

We have marked reviews/quotes from collaborators clearly with a but, however we get our feedback or reviews, we don’t tell people what to say. We believe these are honest accounts of our products – it would not be in peoples’ interest to recommend goods to their audiences which were not genuinely well made, interesting, fun, inspiring or value for money.

Dragons Sneeze

This is the item we get the most feedback on! People love it and we are often sent videos of children making their first spark, starting a fire for the first time, using one of our specially designed Dragons Sneezes!

With thanks to Malek (featured) and Forest School leader Stephen Simpson of OWL : Outdoor & Wilderness Learning.

With thanks to Kaye, Forest School Leader, Holly & Hawthorn Forest School, Shepton Mallet, Somerset.
FB: HollyHawthornForestSchool / Instagram: hollyhawthorn2019

With thanks to Kaye, Forest School Leader, Holly & Hawthorn Forest School, Shepton Mallet, Somerset.
FB: HollyHawthornForestSchool / Instagram: hollyhawthorn2019

Dragons Sneeze review

By Michael James, author of Forest School and Autism

“I run Forest School sessions for adults with ASD & Learning Disabilities. Lighting fires is an activity which my learners find very rewarding but unfortunately some of the people who attend struggled to use fire steels.
Muddy Faces advised me to try their Dragon’s Sneeze fire steels which are more suitable for people who find fine motor tasks difficult.
They’re brilliant! Learners who previously couldn’t light fires can now enjoy doing so. Muddy Faces practical advice and knowledge of how to make accommodations to ensure inclusive practice have definitely helped me to improve my sessions.”

Leaves Trail 1-5 review
by early years blogger The Male Practitioner

“Muddy Faces is one of those websites you browse round going “oooh” and “aaaah” followed by a purchase. Everything is accessible in terms of price and it most certainly is appealing to the children.

I was lucky enough to be sent a set of the 1 – 5 Leaves Trail by the gang at Muddy Faces to review and it has proved a hit in my setting with the children.


As you will see in the picture above the concept appears to be pretty simple but between the children and myself we discovered a whole lot more with these cost-effective discs.

First of all it allows you to work on counting 1 – 5 with the children. There is the written number as well as the corresponding number of leaves on the other side.

What we also discovered is the sensory experiences available with these discs. The smell of the wood was very attractive to the children and I did spot them picking them up a few times to smells (and even lick, but that’s another story!)

Next discovery was the bark being left intact. A great way of introducing discussion about trees without really trying.

The set can be used, like most resources in early years settings, inside and out. We had ours on our tuff tray with lots of leaves and Arthur the Hedgehog! The set is also highly cost effective at £17.99 including VAT and delivery is fast which is always a bonus for us practitioners as we want a new resource fast before the children’s interest peaks!

They most certainly get two thumbs up from me!”

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Log building set

A short video review from blogger The Male Practitioner.

To see this product in the Muddy Faces shop, go to: log building set.