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This special set for younger children is designed to capture their core passions in gathering, filling, pouring, emptying, stirring, mixing and transforming.

They love experiencing the fascination and the pleasure of making things happen through their own physical actions – like making mud pies in the mud kitchen.


  • Set of 3 different sized stainless steel bowls Ideal for Goldilocks porridge play
  • Two different sized saucepans
  • Little scoops made from highly reflective stainless steel – perfect for watching how the mud and water change as the light is reflected
  • 5 different utensils made from a range of tactile materials and colours – wood,  silicone and metal.
  • Jugs and metal watering cans for all the pouring your toddlers will want to do
  • Supplied in a natural drawstring cotton bag

For more mud play inspiration and information check out the Mud section on the Outdoor Hub.

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