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A seven sided, waterproof tipi.  Made from tough, 100% waterproof material that is also fire retardant.  The tipi has a sturdy frame made from wooden poles.  Although the fabric is waterproof, there is a hole at the top which will allow the ingress of water, if it rains.

The opening to the tipi has two panels which open both left and right to give a wide opening and are held back by toggles.  These toggles are used for joining the two panels to provide an enclosed space. The set comes with the tipi, poles, pegs and a large bag for storage.  Please note whilst the material is waterproof, the hole at the top of the tipi will allow water ingress.

Overall height when erected approx 1.4m, diameter of base 2m.

Designed by Muddy Faces and made in the UK.


  • Made from 100% waterproof fabric
  • Fire retardant
  • Approx Dia 2m, Height 1.4m
  • Wide opening held back by toggles
  • Set includes tipi, poles and pegs


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Made in UK

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