Canvas CP Wax 400 Tarpaulin

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This is a lighter alternative to the heavy weight canvas tarpaulin. Available in several different sizes, choose from the drop down box.

It has a high resistance to abrasion and punctures while remaining breathable.  It is also lighter in weight and easier to handle than the Heavy Weight Canvas tarp.

Rust resistant brass eyelets are set 60cm intervals.  Hems and seams are single-stitched.

They are made from a natural fabric that has been wax-proofed and are breathable making it water-resistant.  A minimal amount of shrinkage can occur when the canvas tarpaulin has been subject to varying temperatures.

It will require re-treating after exposure to water, in order to maintain its resistant properties.

We do not recommend that this tarpaulin is suspended solely by the eyelets if it is being used as an outdoor canopy.   We suggest that you use a ridge line made of rope or bungee which will help support the weight of the tarp.  This will also help with a run-off of water as water can pool if tarps are suspended only by the eyelets, adding extra pressure and weight.

Please note that these tarps have been dyed, and so there can be a risk of colour transference upon application.


  • Colour : tan
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Rust proof eyelets at 60cm intervals on all 4 sides

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Weight 2.8 kg

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