SaveAqua Self Closing Tap

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The SaveAqua self closing tap fits most water containers and functions by pressing the back of your hand up against the tap.  This allows you to wash your hands as the water flows over them.  The water automatically stops when you hand is removed, reducing water consumption and cross contamination.  It is tough and durable and can be installed in minutes.

Ideal for using when there is no access to running water.  Comes with hooks and hanging strap so that you can suspend your water container quickly.

**Please note that the SaveAqua tap has a small blade for cutting a hole into the container, where necessary.  This is covered by a guard which screws over the blade and forms a permanent part of the tap.  If you do not wish to use the blade, you can glue the cover in place.


  • Durable
  • Unique patented design
  • Saves up to 60% of water consumption
  • Contains small parts

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