Rainbow Architect Arches – Pack of 7

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Beautiful smooth solid beech wood nesting arches in the seven colours of the rainbow, with a natural finish to show the grain of the wood. The inner block is a solid 3D semicircle.

Ideal for construction and imaginative play: to build sculptural structures; to design areas for filling with small world play people or animals; exploring size and scale; using mathematical terms – larger, smaller, taller, steeper etc; and improving language skills and broadening vocabulary to describe their activities in action.


  • Heights: 19mm, 27mm, 36mm, 47mm, 56mm, 63mm and 73mm.
  • Lengths: 40mm, 58mm, 76mm, 94mm, 112mm, 130mm and 148mm.
  • Wall thickness 8mm x width 40mm.
  • 12mths+

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